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⇒ new project: 500 hours of php

Over the last nine months or so, I have done virtually no coding of any kind. A new baby, two new jobs, and a new house threw whatever routines I thought I had right out of the moving car, leaving them to roll, choke, and die of dehydration on the side of the road. Things have settled down a bit over the last month, and it's time to get back to business.

I am starting a new project: 500 hours of php. It's time to learn a new language, and I have chosen php. I chose it mostly out of convenience. I have a couple of php books. I have a little, but not professional-level experience in the language. Overall, it doesn't require a lot of overhead to get started. I can go from zero to web app pretty quickly, and I am looking for some fast feedback loops.

In general, I am hoping to get about ten hours of study in per week, but I am leaving myself room to be flexible and get distracted if necessary. I will be starting by working through PHP in Action by Reiersol, Baker, and Shiflett, but it is my hope that this exercise will be much more creative and fun than simply reading and copying book examples.

I will also be doing my best to try to participate in the php community. While I am not quite ready to start adding my two cents to any open source projects, yet, I will be keeping most of my code out on github at jankenstein/php. I also hope to be posting here pretty regularly as well as poking around the local and online user communities. More than anything else, I am hoping to have some fun.

- erj (1 Dec 2012)